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December 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Examples of High Impact Organizations at the Base of the Pyramid

Examples of High Impact Organizations at the Base of the Pyramid
I would also point out that some of this work includes mini-case studies. You can find other case studies in the books outlined at the bottom of this blog article:

• Al Doerksen, International Development Enterprises
• Amitabha Sadangi, IDEI and GEWP
• Suresh Subramanian, IDEI and GEWP
• Om Prakash Singh, GEWP
• Pradip Nawale, GEWP
• Karthik Janakiraman, ex-Acumen Fellow at GEWP
• Kathy Lombardo, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• Bruce Robertson, Gulu Agricultural Development Company
• Warwick Thomson, DANIDA
• Dr. Jordon Kassalow, VisionSpring
• Peter Eliassen, VisionSpring
• Pritpal Marjara, VisionSpring
• Vikram Raman, ex-Acumen Fund Health Manager
• Laura Hattendorf, Mulago Foundation
• Dr. Sono Khangarani, MicroDrip
• Saqib Khan, ex-COO MicroDrip
• Joel Montgomery, ex-Acumen Fellow at MicroDrip
• Tariq Khan Baluch, ex-FMiA CEO
• Michael McCord, MicroInsurance Centre
• Marianne Vermeer, ex-Senior Acumen Fellow at FMiA
• Evelyn Stark, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• John Pott, Former Project Director at Aga Khan Agency for MicroInsurance
• Peter Wrede, International Labour Organization
• Gyanesh Pandey, Husk Power Systems
• Simon Desjardins, Shell Foundation
• Mario Ferro, ex-Acumen Fellow at Husk Power Systems
• Nat Robinson, Juhudi Kilimo
• Rashid Bajwa, National Rural Support Program (Pakistan)
• Pratyush Pandey, DripTech
• David Kuria, Ecotact
• Khurram Hussain, ex-Acumen Fellow at Ecotact
• Saleem Ismail, Western Seed Company
• Shane Heywood, ex-Acumen Fellow at Western Seed Company
• Satyan Mishra, Drishtee
• Justin DeKoszmovszky, SC Johnson
• Chuck Slaughter, Living Goods
• Laurie Thomsen, KickStart

I’ve done a number of other posts about high impact organizations. The two most prominent books on the topic include Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid and another on BOP Strategy.

I’ve also included a number of other organizations in the high impact investing space:
• Abby Sarmac, Lemelson Foundation
• Ajit Kanitkar, Ford Foundation
• Amit Bouri, Global Impact Investing Network
• Andres Rico, TechnoServe
• Andrew Farnum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• Anil Sinha, International Finance Corporation
• Antony Bugg-Levine, Nonprofit Finance Fund
• Audrey Selian, Rianta Capital
• Charly Kleissner, KL Felicitas Foundation
• Chris West, Shell Foundation
• David Porteous, Bankable Frontier Associates
• David Robinson, Fuqua School of Business,
Duke University
• Durreen Shahnaz, Impact Investment
Exchange Asia
• Erik Simanis, Center for Sustainable Global
Enterprise, Cornell University
• Fred Ogana, TechnoServe
• Geeta Goel, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
• Guy Stallworthy, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• Harold Rosen, Grassroots Business Fund
• Homi Kharas, Brookings Institution
• Kelly Clark, Marmanie Consulting Ltd.
• Lester Coutinho, Packard Foundation
• Louis Boorstin, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• Matt Bannick, Omidyar Network
• Mona Kachhwaha, Caspian Advisors
• Neera Nundy, Dasra
• Oliver Karius, LGT Venture Philanthropy
• Patrick Maloney, Imprint Capital
• Puneet Jhaharia, Grassroots Business Fund
• Reuben Abraham, Indian School of Business
• Robert Kraybill, Impact Investment Exchange Asia
• Sandeep Farias, Elevar Equity Advisors
• Simon Bishop, Shell Foundation
• Varun Sahni, Impact Investment Partners
• Vijay Mahajan, BASIX India
• Vineet Rai, Aavishkaar
• Vishal Mehta, Lok Capital
• Wolfgang Hafenmeyer, LGT Venture Philanthropy

Here is some other reading in the area of high impact organizations at the Base of the Pyramid:

The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid by C.K. Prahalad
(Wharton School Publishing, 2004)

The Next 4 Billion: Market Size and Business Strategy at the Base of the Pyramid by Allen Hammond, William J Kramer, Julia Tran, Robert Katz, Courtland Walker
(World Resources Institute/IFC, 2007)

Impact Investing: Transforming How We Make Money While Making a Difference, by Antony Bugg-Levine, Jed Emerson
(Jossey-Bass, 2011)

Coordinating Impact Capital: A New Approach to Investing in Small and Growing Businesses, by John Kohler, Thane Kreiner, Jessica Sawhney
(Santa Clara University, 2011)

Innovations, September 2011 – SOCAP11 Impact Investing Special Edition Philip E. Auerswald, Iqbal Z. Quadir (Editors) (MIT Press, 2011)

The Impact Investor’s Handbook: Lessons from the World of Microfinance, by Paul Cheng (Editor)
(CAF Venturesome, 2011)

All of the above is from Monitor’s joint work with Deloitte on Inclusive Markets , specifically from the Whitepaper from Blueprint to Scale, which is available for free at their website.

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