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February 1, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Mostly likely reasons cited for the lack of career preparation in higher education today

I’m hypothesizing since no one has answered yet:
1. We’re not responsible for students expectations or over-expectations (re: careers)

2. If they want to do that they can (use the career center, do projects outside class, library, internet, etc….). They have plenty of ways to “prepare themselves” on this great campus.

3. We don’t require that of our departments to meet this kind of objective (thats against our philosophy)

4. Talk to the department head or the teacher (talk to someone else)

5. Focusing on specifics & business & vocational trades off with general requirements.

6. This isn’t a vocational school!

7. We have too many other things to do & focus on. Not enough resources.

8. Faculty and staff already overstretched

9. We’re trying. We have programs. We are doing our part.

10. Students aren’t using existing programs.

11. Any percentage of students using these programs is good (ie 20 to 25% is good and its improving). Or we invest X hundred thousand or a million in those programs now.

12. We don’t want to require students to use these programs

13. Blame external factors (ie 2008 recession + the rise of demanding students and parents). Or industry changing so rapidly is not our fault.

14. Its really expensive to do those programs (that trades off with arts, culture, & other student services they demand).

15. We didn’t know it was a problem. We didn’t know students were encountering problems or that they weren’t prepared for their jobs.

16. Job preparation is impossible. Given the nature of the beast–we can never be expected to to do that.

17. It worked for my generation. It should work for this one. We have data that its mostly working for this generation (assuming you account for the external factors like the 2008 recession).

18. We can’t get teachers excited, energized, or motivated behind this initiative.

I probably listed too many. Hopefully, I covered a number of the key ones. Also, some of these excuses might not be directly stated, but might be implied or used in combination with other excuses or rationalizations.

I’m thinking time scarcity & resources as being one of the top 3.

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