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February 1, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Social Entrepreneurship Leadership Skills and Principles

This is fundamentally about leadership skills for all organizations.

I just watched a segment of Jim Yong Kim President of Dartmouth speak (July 29, 2010)–the overall lecture seems to center on the idea of empathy.

He said Teach for America hires based on 7 habits of the mind:
1) Persistence
2) Empathy
3) Managing Impulsivity
4) Creativity
5) Independence
6) Taking responsible risks
7) Meta-cognition

Independence seems a little odd. I would think confidence might be a better one.

Also, I’m curious how you would evaluate or teach meta-cognition. Or perhaps meta-cognition just a fancy word for problem solving & critical thinking.

He speaks about a list of 16 later:
1) Responding with a Sense of Wonderment and Awe (he calls taking the anti-cynicism pill)
Unfortunately, he doesn’t unpack this anymore.
2) He does unpack that the advantage of human beings was cooperation & empathy.

The closest I can find about “Habits of Mind” is from a teaching organization (ASCD):
Describing the Habits of Mind

* Teach for America is certainly not a perfect organization, but I think these are some habits of mind which could be integrated with other systems. (For instance, the work on determination/persistence, character & values & mindsets & leadership)

My guess is empathy, persistence, “positivity”/positive self-talk/lack of cynicism, and problem solving/creativity–combined with the ability to ask questions and listen deeply–and to self reflect should be at the top of the list.

Unpacking habits of mind are and how to teach them offers a great opportunity to build better leaders for tomorrow.

Incidentally, Jim Y. Kim worked with Paul Farmer at Partners in Health.

For citation sake (this is 7 to 19 minutes in the overall one hour lecture):

Resources and Research on Habits of Mind:
Describing Habits of Mind
16 Habits of Mind
• 16 Habits of Mind (summarized)

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