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February 14, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Open Book of Social Innovation Checklist for High Impact

It also arguably is more of a stage of organization question than a checklist in the traditional sense. So, arguably there is still much to be specified & unpacked & discovered:

1) Prompts, inspirations, and diagnosis [problem finding, problem re-framing]
2) Proposals and ideas
3) Prototypes and pilots
4) Sustaining
5) Systemic Change

This seems to be specifically for a more political than cultural issue, but could be adapted to more cultural issues as well:
1) Crisis
2) Efficiency savings
3) Poor performance
4) New technologies
5) New evidence
6) Urban acupuncture. Symbolic action.
7) Mapping needs
8) Identifying differential needs & capacities
9) Mapping physical aspects
10) Mapping systems
11) Mapping flows
12) Communities researching themselves
13) Participatory rural appraisal (PRA)
14) Ethnographic research
15) Action research
16) Literature surveys and reviews
17) Feedback systems *****
18) Integrated user-centered data
19) Citizen-controlled data
20) Holistic services
21) Tools for handling knowledge across the system
22) Generative paradigms
23) Generative scripts
24) Changing roles
25) Artists in residence
26) Thinkers in residence
27) A-Teams (kind of like project teams) (art & research working together)
28) Tools for visibility
30) Media spotlight
31) Complaint choirs
32) User and public pressure
33) Campaigns
34) Diagnostic process
35) Diagnostic professions
36) Systems thinking models

Imagining solutions:
37) User-led design
38) Re-desinging services with users and producers (IDEO)
39) Engagement with ex-users
40) Web-based tools for co-design
41) Creative thinking methods
42) Forum theatre (Theatre of the Oppressed model)
43) Continuous improvement methods (Demming 14 Points & Toyota Lean–4 parts of the system. Demming as blue-print)
44) Quality circles
45) Applying propriety knowledge to social issues [seems more like partnership or uniqueness/USP]
46) Engaging citizens through media

* Technically I added the high impact part. The list is presumably about launching….but it could also be about thriving. Also, I want to suggest that impact is a more complex process than I can map out here with a checklist–although a checklist can arguably help move you in the right direction.

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