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February 17, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

My best posts on social innovation and business design

These aren’t necessarily the best writing–in fact they are far from it. They are conceptual sketches which target important issues with strategic and perhaps sometimes visionary insights. Sometimes its just be combining disperate ideas in a new way–which hopefully helps readers get a fuller perspective.

Also, they aren’t meant to be read like articles. They are probably more meant to be thought about and developed upon by the readers. They are jumping off points for your own insights into the realm of people, organizations, and social business.

Social Business Success
• 12 Revenue Models for Social Business
• Social Business operational models
• 10 Success Factors for Business
Eight Trends in Social Business for 2011
• Top 10 Business Models for Non-profits
10 Important Questions for Social Entrepreneurs

Leadership and Social Business
Coach K on Leadership and Motivation and Culture
Leadership skills (Habits of Mind model)
• Christian Business Principles

Communication & Creativity
• Quotes on Storytelling from Pixar
• 12 Competitive Advantages of Design Thinking for Business

Various forms of Social Business Innovation
Best social venture posts of 2009
• Base of the Pyramid Resources
• Innovation and the Future of Education
My manifestos for innovation (Various systems are broken/problem identification, as well as some vision)
The best of Paul Hudnut on “Whats a BOPreneur” (From April 2012)

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