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February 25, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Stop Stealing Dreams TEDxYouth Speech by Seth Godin

I’ve included this because its Seth Godin. If you pay attention to the space & understand whats going on you probably know the core points save Horace Mann, the focus on Normalcy & discipline & industrialization. I’ve summarized what I could take notes on below. The Godinisms at the end might prove helpful. (I apologize in advance for any errors in the Godinisms). Overall, pretty good–especially given that he was addressing both kids & adults in a very real sense.

Feel free to add something I left out in the comment section.

I. Intro
The first 7 minutes are about the history of education. How discipline & the industrial age shapes our current understanding and assumptions about education.

He contrasts this versus what creatives/artists need.

II. 8 Things that Change
1. Homework during the day. World class lectures at night for free. A per Salman Khan. Explore face to face during the day. 1 person to do it great.

2. Open book, ppen note. All the time. Anything worth memorizing is worth looking up.

3. Chronology

4. vs. Mass Batched. 10,000 kinds of education. (aka the snowflake)

5. Experience is what we need.
Resume is proof of compliance.

6. Coop versus isolation. Versus real world

7. Teacher = coach.
Lifelong learning

8. Death of the famous college. (aka ranking).
(he makes a not very good argument here)

III. Concluding thoughts/Godin-isms (I’ve captured 10)

“Comply, fit in, do like your peers–because I must process you–because everything in my evautation is based on it.”

Myth #1: “Great performance in school = success. If thats not true….we should stop telling ourself it is.”
Seth Godin, TED X Youth

Myth #2: “Great parents = productivity”

Collect versus connect dots.
(Create, connect or collect dots.
Connect dots….have to be able to fail.)

“Grades are an illusion.
Passion & insight = reality.”
Seth Godin, TED X Youth

“Persistence in the face of a skeptical figure is priceless–and yet we undermine it.”
Seth Godin, TED X Youth

“Fitting in is a short term strategy…..
Standing out takes guts and produces results.”
Seth Godin, TED X Youth

“If you care enough about your work…to be willing to be criticized for it….you’ve done a good days work.”
Seth Godin, TED X Youth

The key question we must ask ourselves is:
“What is school for?”
Seth Godin, TED X Youth

“If you don’t know what school is for….lets have a conversation about it….Because until we answer that question….we aren’t going to get what we need.”
Seth Godin, TED X Youth

I believe the entire theme of that TEDx may have been education. Here is the speakers list: ” SPEAKERS TEDxYouth@BFS

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