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April 27, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

What is the future of mobile technology in 2013 and beyond

What will mobile technology be like in 5, 10, or 15 years? (the following is my answer from Quora)

This is a super-short list of what they can do now:
1. Security type functions
2. Merchants/Taking Cash type functions
3. Video type functions (sending & receiving)
4. Audio type functions (sending & receiving)
5. Doctor & nurse & diagnostic type functions
6. Location type functions (city based & person based & store or building map based)
7. Internet type functions
8. Photo with some recognition (I would assume some scanning & character recognition)
9. Content creation
10. Organization & Productivity
11. Virtual Assistant.
12. Big data

I think you will say layers on top of all of the above or further development in these areas. Particularly in terms of virtual assistance you will obviously see more AI application (the question is where & for what target audiences & how will it be monetized). Big data, social, and crowd-sourcing are all potential layers on the above. Other trends like the internet of things and new types of interfaces for mobile or web also could be in the near offing.

What can mobiles as a technology do? Or what do they enable?
What can apps do?
What kinds of add-on devices will mobiles have which provide even more functionality? (Box comes to mind)

To me the largest drawback is the ability to do writing work on mobile. Although, I think tablets will just get smaller in that regard. Perhaps we’ll see more work from the folks that put out Dragon Speaking which will make this more seemless. I’m curious if there are other ways to do so…..

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