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May 1, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

My opinion of the startup Fuse Gap–Late April 2013

Its looks like an interesting alpha or beta.

I’m going to be pretty to the point:

1. Content-Seems like the lack of it may be a significant barrier to growth. I remember that early on Quora was seeded with content. Every website like this requires content to be seeded. For instance, its like an empty warehouse that wants to be a club or hangout…..people want to be able to learn something….before they give something. Content also provides more credibility to the site overall.

2. Users-I’m not sure who I would want to follow. The who of content can be as important as the what they create.

3. Interface-the value proposition isn’t clear (besides learn stuff, except I can do that on every website on the internet). The interface has a nice look in the abstract….but I’m curious how it efficiently accomplishes the purpose of content creation, conversation, or content spreading. The value prop is certainly there…but I’m curious how you deliver on it (at least in terms of quality or expert content).

4. Process-I can’t isolate specifics here, because I didn’t stay around long enough. This may be more about creating quality content after I finish with a given screen (i.e. the quality of your recommendation or related content engine).

Three key questions which might spark some thoughts:
• Who is your audience?
• Why will they participate and return?
• What gap are you serving that isn’t already served in Q & A and debate websites? (there are at least a half dozen of each). Users, culture, quality of content and super intuitive design seem to be the best ways to set yourself apart from others in the field.

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