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May 7, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Warren Bennis Modes of Learning–about Life, Business, and Leadership

The following is from page 93 and 94 of Learning to Lead:

1) Emulation
2) Role taking
3) Practical Accomplishment
4) Validation
5) Anticipation
6) Personal Growth
7) Scientific Learning

To me, I think this list is a bit clunky. It seems like it should be grouped more efficiently and put into a hierarchy of the type of learning going on (or ranked by some criteria)

This is the breakdown I see:
1) Lecture/Reading [critical reading]
2) Reflecting/Journaling
3) Interview/Dialog
4) Experimenting
5) Feedback loops & Learning organizations
6) Faciliated or coached learning (individual or group)
7) Modeling/Immulation
8] Simulating/Role Taking
9) Data collection (qualitiative or quantitative). A form of a feedback loop.

Various of the above 7 fall into these categories. And there are certainly overlaps between the 9 I pointed out.

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