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May 9, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Criticism of the OCEANS model of Hiring Assessment for Human Resources

Openness to experience – the willingness to explore fantasy, actions and ideas.

Conscientiousness – shown as competence, order, and self-discipline.

Extraversion – the display of positive emotions, gregariousness, and warmth.

Agreeableness – showing trust, straightforwardness, and tender-mindedness.

Neuroticism – the tendency towards anxiety, self-consciousness, and vulnerability.

My critique:
First, the extraversion component seems maldefined.

Second, neurotocism includes “self-consciousness” which is a component of emotional intelligence. It would seem like hyper-self-concsiousness would be a better word.

Notice, however there is a degree of usefulness to the OCEANS model as described here.

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