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May 25, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

12 Ways You Can Be a Better You–The Optimum You

Here are 12 ways to be your best self:
1) Set goals with milestones, deadlines, and accountability
2) Get quality mentor(s)
3) Surround yourself with smart people (this can also mean mastermind group or community of practice or meetup group. Note that a meetup group in and of itself isn’t a community of practice or a mastermind)
4) Invest time and resources
5) Make the commitment. Write it down. (if you can get friends or others in your new found community to take the plunge…all the better)
6) Hire a coach (a quality one with a track record) or get an accountability partner.
7) Be ready to eliminate unnecessary downtime
8) Shed fear like dogs shed hair. Feel the fear and act anyway.
9) Create a personal learning management system
10) Learn-Act-Reflect-Repeat. (aka experiential learning). Put learning into practice. You could record your experiences in an online journal, a word document, or an online blog-type platform.
11) I would think reading one or two books a month (or listening to them on MP3 would be semi-required)
12) Include character goals–about the way that you want to behave as a part of the process. This could include emotional intelligence criteria as well.

* Sorry I don’t have a criteria for what a “quality coach” is. You have to determine that for yourself. I would think someone who would stretch you in the ways you want to be stretched.

1. Big goals. Baby steps.
2. Streching & feedback is a critical component.
3. Learn-act-reflect-repeat. This can help you track improvement
4. Community is key to improvement. Get in groups that help you be a better you.
5. Commitment.
6. Eliminate what holds you back, including fear. Fear, distraction, and lack of commitment to growing are pretty much the only barriers.

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