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June 1, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

My semi-negative review of my ’13 Macbook Pro Laptop

I’m a usually happy near life-long Mac user (life long for all intents and purposes). I’ve been a happy Apple user since the age of 6 (in the early 1980s). Here are my problems with the current Mac Book Pro that I purchased in mid March of ’13:
Mine seems to disconnect from wi-fi far too often (at home and every coffee shop I go to). This is huge. This means lack of performance and when it finally re-sets the windows it creates a hiccup effect of sorts–particularly if audio or video windows are open. (this problem existed on the 2007 model, but it didn’t tell you it was happening).
The performance (aka speed) doesn’t seem to correspond to the activity monitor *
It doesn’t seem to have significant improved performance over my 2007 Macbook Pro
Text windows in Safari and other browsers seem to slow it down too much. (I understand that video in other windows should probably slow it down, but text windows don’t make sense)
The DVD drive periodically experiences problems.
When it launches from sleep….its uber slow. It seems like I would be better powering down completely.
I think the software updates window seems unhelpful (it should have 3 options). The software updates window also seems to cause hiccups in the web access. (this is only a theory–but my experience suggests it to be true).

* My typical use is about 15% and 15%. I shouldn’t get the spinning colorball with that kind of usage of the overall computer. I’ve experienced problems with Gmail as well the standard software.

I also feel like I should be able to know more about:
1. My systems functioning (so that I can self-diagnos and fix problems better)
2. My wi-fi’s performance.

Overall, it doesn’t seem to correspond to the need to do multiple things on the web. And it doesn’t correspond to the need for data and feedback loops to solve problems.

I’m not sure if these are full-scale indictments of the Mac Book Pro. I think its something to keep in mind.

Given that the web is such a huge percentage of the laptop experience–resolving the speed, reliability of stream, as well as a quality feedback loop on the process seems like a super-simple way to serve customers (or at least the rationale is incredibly straight-forward).

If you have answers/suggestions/reflections/inspirations to any of my challenges–please feel free to leave a comment.

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