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June 3, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Engineering for Change Webinars on Sustainable Design for Emergent Markets

Subject: Invitation to E4C Webinar on Sustainable Solutions for Emerging Markets: Technology, Innovation & Livelihoods | June 5 @ 11am EST
Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 11:00 AM EST
Presented by Radha Basu, Director, Frugal Innovation Lab, Santa Clara University
Register here:

Developing adaptable, accessible, appropriate, and affordable products, technologies, and solutions for emerging markets is rapidly becoming a critical skill for professionals in all disciplines. Engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and policy-makers alike are facing a changing global landscape in which the GDP of the developing world will be surpassing that of the developed world (estimated 2016 – Economist). 76% of the world’s 6 billion mobile phones are geographically in emerging markets (World Bank), and reverse innovation is increasingly becoming a normalized process for developing solutions for the western world.

Global trends demand sustainable solutions.

Whether your field of interest is mobile money, agriculture, livelihood development, medical devices, clean water, or sustainable energy, you can’t miss Radha Basu’s June 5th E4C webinar.

– Learn how technology solutions can be fused with self-sustaining models for large, scalable, positive impact.
– Discover the way sustainable solutions for emerging markets can be successfully pursued through a well-informed design innovation process coupled with mindful core competencies.

Find out more about a responsible design approach to developing global medical devices in E4C’s June 5, 2013 webinar.

Visit our website for more details and follow the Twitter trail from @engineer4change with #E4CWebinars.

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