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June 15, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Things I might like to write about in the near future

1. Rhetoric & Persuasion
2. Neuroscience/Neuro-leadership
3. Negotiation
4. Critical Thinking
5. Design Thinking
6. Service Design
7. Innovation Process
8. NLP
9. Decision-making
10. Entrepreneurship (see also innovation)
11. Change Models
12. Marketing

• Learning how to learn (including personal learning management systems)
• EQ
• Systems theory (process improvement?)
• Public policy reform (this is very specific)
• Coaching
• Future of K-12
• Future of University Education
• Open Source/Free Online Education
• Social Innovation (models, case studies, etc…).
• Social entrepreneurship
• Debate
• The future of specific types of organization
• Philosophy/Theology (Christian perspective)
• Base of the pyramid (BOP) business & change & marketing

Various of the above….applied to specific sectors (NGO/Non-profit, Missions/Church, Small Business, BoP/Development, etc..)
Ideally, with the ability to impact larger scale organizations.

Interviews, case studies, worksheets, etc…

(think about picking experts)

Think about various ways to scale it.

Think about how the numbers add up.

Think about how to earn some money & not give it away.

Think about collaboration ***** How can I best source this collaboration?


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  1. Nathan Kets / Jun 20 2013 3:39 am
  2. Nathan Kets / Jun 25 2013 6:35 am

    Here are a couple:

    Christian universities
    Christian apolegetics & philosophy
    Christian sermons
    Christian writing/arts
    Christian critical thinking

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