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July 1, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

The Joy of Analog: Michael Meyer at TEDxUCSD

1) Ship directions (visual)
2) Don’t fall in love with your product
3) Design by Analogy
4) Brain research by MRI. Language = experience. We experience language as the experience.
5) Thought & language as physical. Objects. Familiar, comfortable.
6) Design by analogy
7) Graphic User Interface = Robust Analogy
8] Dishwasher Door Panel/Interface (Analogy)
9) Sony in Robotics
10) How can we translate that? How would that translate to the digital world? How can it be made more impactful, more enjoyable?
11) Facebook as Graffitti
12) Chat as passing notes in class (private & tolerated as long as not too disruptive)

If you want to design? “Draw upon the physical….and celebrate the joy of analog”

It would be interesting to know what inventions were invented by design by analogy.

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