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July 25, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

An Open Letter to CNN on their coverage of the Zimmerman Trial

Dear CNN,

Your coverage of the Zimmerman trial frankly makes me want to puke. Not only that but the choice to cover it in the first place makes me want to puke.

Lets create an acid test for what good and worthy coverage of the news of the day might include:
1) Coverage of issues which increase viewer understanding of relevant issues
2) Coverage of the issues fairly and justly to all parties
3) Coverage of issues which help the viewers to become better humans (inspired)

I’m sorry to say your coverage of the Zimmerman case fails on all 3 accounts. Its not inspiring news–period. Its not helpful, its not relevant. Its you pandering–its you pandering for eyeballs. You’ve abandoned your fundamental principles (and presumably mission statement) to the almighty dollar.

As a concerned citizen it makes me sick–it makes me sick that you’ve been given all this opportunity to cover the heart of international politics, pressing international and security issues, and the human condition–and you’ve picked one trial out of the bunch. One can only speculate why your appetite for puking bad news on the American public is satiated with coverage of an issue which doesn’t deserve more than 5 minutes of an evening broadcast (and even that seems too much).

While Rome is Burning… seem to be lighting the city a blaze. When America needs Cities on a Hill…’ve falling off into the cavern.

Yes, the race issue is important in America. But this is an issue of minority on minority racism–if its racism in the first place. Yet, you’ve gone on a witch hunt of what we can only assume is a citizen driven by the principles of making the world a better place by making it more safe and secure.

Ex-CNN Watcher & Concerned Citizen,
Nathan Kets
Now that the American public is suckling at the tit of the CNN airways and the Florida criminal justice system–how much better have you made them. In your seeming 150+ hour coverage of this trial–how have you made the American public better?

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