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August 2, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Life and communication through the lense of Kenneth Burke and Hegel

Fundamental aspects of the universe and communication: (mostly 171 to 204)

• Contrasts of ideas, concepts, and values (conflict, collision).
• Metaphors (analogies).
• p.171 components.
• Motive versus impulse (short versus long term/Odesseus/ real versus apparent)

Rhetorical Situation
• Conscience/Holy Spirit
• Identity/Self-perception (“I am that I am”)
• Essence versus isolation or perifery.
• Enemy (earthyly, spiritual)
• Attitude/Mental State
• Perception/Impression (Empirical, Cause and Effect)
• Power
• Relations
• Nature/Rules of the Universe
• Ideas/Sprits
• Motion/Energy/Habit/Intertia
• Representatives/Symbols
• Barriers (?)
• The constellation of things that are similar to them, pleasurable, and important to them (Beliefs, Attitudes, and Values). Care, concern. Attention, focus. What is excellence & success.
• Time-Past, Present, and Future
• Location
• Dreams/Fantasy/Imagination (short term versus long term) (wishes)
• Past Experiences/Decision
• Design/Architecture (this could be local, ie power or perception or relations)
• Destiny
• Add the Pentad
• Contrast (images, metaphor, virtue, ethics, character etc..)
• Microcosm, Macrocosm (Sermon within a sermon, message within a message, systems theory–and kind of the 5 whys p. 364).
• Other breakdowns, contrasts, assumptions, dualisms, and dichotomies (action-passion, mind-body, being-nothing). Can serve as frames/perspectives.
• Shifting between merger and division.
• Differences of kind and degree.
• Types of contrast
• Specificity/abstraction (Platonist thought)
• Faith-knowledge (hmmm…both and)
• Transformation, transcence (maybe alloiosis)
• Motive: ideology, worldview, and personal/goals. (aka the actual ideals)
• Other greek words
• Decision point/Turning point
• Patterns & tools to results (cause and effect–but kind of a hidden premise)
• Anticipation/Futureism (personal or vision)
• Old versus new identity
• Eternity
• Mystical
• Motion, Essence, Spirit, Essence (p.222)
• Imagination, Fancy, Reason, Understanding (p. 224)
• Defense of Poetry, Shelley
• Dramatism
• Greek/Aristotle Glossary (specific book–maybe)
• Thanatopis (p. 222)
• Progress/Flux/Dialectic
• Human spirit/Spirit (p. 203)
• Consciousness (p. 203)
[Elemental–the breakdown]

My various various reflections on Burke et. al.
• Build versus break. Truth. Break & rebuild. Re-new. Support. (Boom!). The long term church.
• Dicotomies in life and philosophy
• Categories plus psychology for education (a little meta or vague)
• Berkelian system of ideas (p. 179)

Aristotle, Berkeley, Hegel
Wallace Stevens & Collerege (romantic poets in general)

The list of proofs:
• Aristotle
• Hegel
• The Change Model (Green)
• Poetry
• Other Philosophers
• Answering the existentialist. what the existentialists get right.
• Idealism versus Rationalism versus Empiricism

• Subjective that enables freedom
• “It would have the form of the Christian strategy in translating lex talionis into the Golden Rule.” (p. 370)
• “This perceiving, active being is what I call mind, spirit, soul, or myself.”
• “Knowledge by definition, then, is knowledge of conditions and relations.” (p. 194)
• As-if (conditional)
• Relationships and things in-themselves
• Mediating schema (p. 198)
• Keystone–sensibility and understanding (footnotes p. 198)
• Acahms Razor goes both ways–it cuts both ways
• Kant, “Rather than enlarging the sciences, we merely disfigure them when we lose sight of their respective limits and allow them to merge with one another.” Not really the quote I was going for, however.
• Their synthesis might be found at a higher level of generality which unites them both. (bizarre, I’m curious what the context or frame of reference is)

How do we deal with noumena? Science imagines them away. It doesn’t so much as deny them–as sweep them under the rug. The heart of the human experience.

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