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September 11, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

How can e-learning producers compete versus MOOCs?

As someone who has spent a decent amount of time with learning research, I would suggest there are a number of ways to compete:

1. Quality & Meaningful Activities
2. Quality & Meaningful Feedback
3. More personalization (aka one on one) or even coaching
4. Communicate the relevance of each learning segment
5. Signal to Noise (relevance and practical)
6. An expert perspective
7. A different perspective (or a multi-dimensional ones)
8. Learning science (for instance in terms of memory)
9. Self-reflection (Self-development & memory & relevance in terms of the material)
10. Practical tools (aka handouts/diagrams, etc…). Easier to use and memorize.
11. Customized to the needs of the students (hyper-targeted via crowdsourced questions)
12. Perhaps a slightly different customer market (customer, payer)

Here are a couple more to think about and chew on:
• Focus on qualitative over the quantitative.
• Learning fundamental meta-skills.
• More Socratic classroom
• More social and community oriented classroom.

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