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October 3, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

More Thoughts on a Fined-Tuned Universe

This is the result of a response to someone on Quora (it gets better at the end):

Unlimited power doesn’t seem to be a paradox. His core urge, his core being is defined by his essence. The idea of him against himself probably doesn’t make sense in this context.

I don’t see why personifying God is bad. He personified himself in Jesus. Moreover, those are the only terms we have. If you talked to ants about humans….you would need to use terms and frameworks which were familiar and relatable to ants.

Us questioning God through our own human constructed paradoxes…..first betrays the openness necessary to find God and be in relationship (even with friends and family). In addition, it can be an operation in missing the point. Its like the 2 inch Lego guy telling me I can’t make a Lego village or make whatever Lego creation I want.

Also, paradox is not the same thing as not possible. Further, paradox and contraction are part of life….the entire notion of bitter-sweetness is one example.

Also, there is a sense in which without unlimited power of creation…..and God……the universe doesn’t make sense. How did we get such a huge universe? How did rules come into the universe? Why are we alive today? Why are we breathing today? Why do we have people in our lives that love us? The answers to all these questions is beyond human power and infers a God. In fact, I think both in Baruch Spinoza and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, as well as a number of other academic scholars it mathematically and logically requires a God. Anything else assumes the universe–and its rules–arrived in the form of a 2012 Oxford English Dictionary as a result of an ink factory explosion. The probability simply goes the other way, in my humble opinion. For instance, For Evidence for the Universe’s Fine Tuning read this short article.

If you would like to read more that I’ve written (from Compassion in Politics) about Fined Tuned Universe click here for those articles.


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