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October 13, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Should I major in creative writing when I attend college?

Should I major in creative writing when I attend college/university/higher education?

The question **seems** to suppose an either/or choice (or a person might have that outlook)

Perhaps as a Minor or Double-major…..but probably not standalone degree.
Tim Cox also points out the ways in which this might not be

The other option is YES….and get published like crazy while you are in school and/or get internships. The later seems to solve the challenges with this degree. This also allows you to dip your toe in the water…..and learn what you like and might dislike about the field (or specific types of creative writing).

Your education is your own. Your time outside the classroom can be spent:
1. writing & projects & contests
2. feedback
3. freelancing
4. reading about how to be a better writer (books, classes, seminars, etc..)
5. helping others (i.e. writing labs at school)
And in fact, working in writing labs and writing actual pieces that are published in the popular press can potentially make you some money. (i.e. defer the cost of education or give you extra spending money).

My guess is most people in creative writing go on to:
1. editor
2. writer (publishing or news)
3. marketing/pr/advertising
4. teaching (high school or college depending on degrees)
5. other
But here is a brainstormed list of possible careers with that degree (link) In addition, you might also check out what people from the university you hope to attend have done with the degree. This can help sketch out in tangible ways what people have actually done with the degree you may potentially seek and invest a decent amount of time & money into.

You obviously want to pick your university well. You want a community of writers and learners–who cherishes learning/creativity, etc… You want a department and institution which supports writing/writers communities and activities.

Also, what is your opportunity cost of doing so? What alternatives are you giving up to major in Creative Writing? As a side note….is there a specific type of creative writing you want to do? (narrative/stories, film, poetry, articles, etc…)

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