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November 1, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

ADHD Entrepreneur and Coaching Resources

These are generic resources, but perhaps with a slight bent toward the entrepreneur/CEO/leader:

My Attention Coach (link)

ADD Coach for You (link)

Coaching for ADHD (Laurie Dupar) (link)

Thrive with ADHD (link)

Dr. Hallowell (link)

Working with ADHD (link)

9 Tips for Living Successfully with Adult ADHD (link)

15 ADHD Friendly Tipes to Fire up Your Focus (link)

Top 5 of the 15 Tips (link)

32 of the Best Ways to Get Organized with ADHD (link)

Two Killer Time Management Apps for ADHD (link)

2DO Time Management App (link)

Habit overwhelm loop (link)

A number of ADHD articles (link)

ADHD articles by Stephanie Sarkis on Huff Po (link)

Find an ADHD Coach (link)

Short list of generic ADHD books (link)

ADHD Presentations/Webinars (link)

Coaching Corner on ADDer World (link)

Attitude Magazine (link)

ADHD Books (and products) (link)

ADD Classes (link)

ADHD Coaches (link)

Feel free to suggest ADHD and/or time management strategies in the comments section.

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