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December 31, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

The indict of scientism and scientific reductionist worldview–Can you be both a Christian and a Scientist?

First critical thinking says this about scientism (link)

This is a much longer video indictment of scientism from Ian Hutcheson (link)

Reductionism is one way to view the world–one way that is incomplete. Everything doesn’t work in a test tube or a spreadsheet. Ask any creative or artist or a lover. Moreover, the survey is set up to do one of two things: confused test takers (the language is pretty slippery and vague) and set up a forced choice framework (either/or versus both/and). There are a continuum of beliefs on this topic which I don’t think the survey fully accounts for (kind of like a survey that would try to make everyone fit in one of 4 political parties….when thats not quite how Americans think about thinks even though they will self-identify with the label).

I might suggest going back and watching the last Star Trek movie…..the indictment of Spocks viewpoint of the world. A pretty strong thematic indictment of a scientific-reductionist viewpoint as approach to values, solving problems, or achieving change in the world. The historical record and the human experiential record suggest the Romantics at least got it partially right–that the enlightenment wasn’t the full answer to the problems of humanity. Elsewise, the human race would cease to exist due to lack of relationships, marriage, and the sacrifices requires to move Civil Rights forward as well as that whole World War II thing.

You might also refer to my posts about scientism from the past on Compassion in Politics.

Finally I have a post which I maintain which has a number of links to scientism.

An interesting critique or indict of scientism and the ways it kills the humanities from the New Republic:

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