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January 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Ethics proceeds existence

1) You were brought up in a culture of ethics–with laws, etc… Without it you wouldn’t get the choice.
2) Family and order are the precondition of choice
3) Survival is impossible without ethics. (see also Maslow’s pyramid)
4) Ethics is mathematic or nearly mathematic
5) I’m not sure what I think about evolutionary ethics. Evolutionarily–fairness and justice is key. All that evolution occurred before you were born.
6) You have an obligation to your family, tribe, and children.

Choice & existentialism doesn’t change this. We live in groups and families….we are not lone individuals on the planes of the West. Learn about reality.
This provides a lot of flexibility….but there are core principles which make autonomy, ethics, survival, and community life possible. Otherwise, the ethics
of the beer bottle thrower or tantrum thrower or genocidal or dictator is the same as everyone else.

See also critiques of existential ethics.

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