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January 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

How does God think or feel about atheists? Does God love atheists?

Love–probably combined with a degree of compassion. But probably combined with other emotions we don’t usually associate with absolute love of a divine creator. (ie absolute love means He won’t send me to Hell).

God’s love isn’t like puff pastry or other sugary dessert.
God as father is still concerned with obedience and his glory. It pains Him to see people worship false gods and idols. For instance, by analogy, someone who grows flowers or bonsai trees grooms those plants or trees. Its not a matter of letting everything happen versus allowing us to go through a growing process.

For instance, a parent who absolutely loves their kid who is a heroin addict isn’t going to be very effective unless there is a combination of love and discipline involved (coaching or direction toward a 12 step or addiction recovery program). Otherwise, the parent turns them-self into an enabler of the addiction.

I think the other emotions or feelings would be dependent on the state of the heart of the atheist in question. I think there are at least 3 different states of heart (for simplicity sake), which might inform or influence a given person’s faith journey:

looking at both sides and seeking
apathy or indifference
close minded, ego-drive

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