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January 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

What are the best arguments against new atheism?

Here are 17 arguments that I think are some of the best arguments against atheism:
1. Ethics
2. Purpose/Meaning
3. The Critique of Scientism
4. Post-positivism (part of the critique of scientism)
5. The Scientific worldview as the only one leans to far in the direction of determinism. A worldview too tied to determinism wrecks havoc with even humanism.
6. Unhappy atheists (aka the new atheists & the skeptics of the modern era). They say a world without God is nihilist. Well, that might just be true.
7. Atheism misunderstands the problem of pain. Suffering can be good. Also, parents (and God) aren’t meant to be like a Santa Claus.
8. Atheist reasoning reverses the hierarchy. God is in the dock. Meaning He makes ultimate judgements. The presuppositions undercuts atheism’s core assumptions.
9. The atheists present a false dichotomy between reason & faith and reason & intuition.
10. Atheists, particularly the new Atheists base their arguments on straw person attacks. They overly rely on stereotypes, particularly outdated stereotypes. For instance, they don’t take the emergent church into account or the emergent church’s influence on more mainline churches.
11. Argument from faith. (Also denying faith denies the nature of
12. Science as a method to verify religion is question begging.
13. Argument from experience. Given that its subjective experience. This is a multi-dimensional–in that people can experience reality as a spiritual existence.
14. The Bible answers much of the argument around suffering. For instance Hebrews and Job. Also, the letters in the New Testament Bible tend to have answers to the argument from suffering & other arguments.
15. The proof for the Historical Jesus is far better than most atheists give it credit for. This argument alone is sufficient enough.
16. The world is full of miracles (babies, rainbows, awesome food, galaxies, breathing everyday). You just have to pay attention. This undermines both the assumptions of atheism as well as the argument regarding miracles.
17. New Age arguments for spiritual existence. Other arguments then check back those arguments.


Jesus’ love is the model that turns back all your arguments.

The idea that I have to defend:
1. All religion
2. All religious people
Is pretty silly. Thats like saying Bill Gates and Buffet have to defend against every capitalists ever–including the unethical ones.

Suffering can have positive effects. Anyone who goes through growth knows about growing pains. Growth and suffering go together (ask anyone who is the top 1% of their game–particularly in athletics–for instance in the pros or in the Olympics). If you can’t endure pain of running or endurance or the determination to do things in spite of the pain you will probably never reach the top of your game (whatever that game happens to be). Not that we should desire all forms of suffering. There is a continuum.

Happiness is not always universally good. It can cause us to be complacent. You need a more integrated and holistic understanding of both happiness and suffering to fully answer these deep philosophical issue.

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