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January 2, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

An outline of Christian apologetic arguments with atheists and agnostics

Logical Arguments or inferred reasons which prove that is it more likely that God exists than not.

Criticisms of science, leave it as imperfect–but circular in itself.

Criticisms of religion (or Christianity more properly) often link back to academia, reason, and science.

Science proves reason is flawed

1) Historical Jesus
2) Prophesy of Jesus
3) Behavior of God mirrors depictions in the Bible

1) Worship and Idolotry is inevitable.
2) Death is inevitable. Heaven beats nothingness.
3) he crisis of conscience is inevitable.

Making a choice between skepticism and hope is one we make everyday or commit to via habit. The choice for hope is better.

***We don’t have the option to wait until science finds solutions to these problems–we have to act in the abscence science.

Myths, Mischaracterizations, Over-generalizations,

AT: Suffering/Problem of Pain

AT: Multi-culturalism

AT: Fallacious Arguments

AT: Determinism

AT: Post-modernism and relativism

AT: Jesus was not unique

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