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January 3, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Finding a Christian Coach/Christian Coaches

Finding a Christian Coach

I’ve included a number of resourses. If you are looking for a coach or hiring a coach it is YOUR responseibility to vet their ability to deliver results that are relevant and helpful to you in your life journey.

I happen to trust Tony Stofulus work at Coach 22 in the area of Christian Coaching a great deal. I don’t know how many one on one spots he has, but his literature seems to be quite good. Gary Collins seems to be trusted as well, here are the coaching resources he recommends.

Professional Christian Coaching
Christian Coaches related to Coaching the Coach:

Those included below may include some more secular based programs which have a Biblical basis or from whom offer other programs–they seem to be across the map a bit.

• Professional Christian Counseling Institute (link)
• Hope for the Heart (link) (may check out bookstore later)
• Mark Crear Ministries
• Paragraphs 22 (Coaching) (link to resources)
• Potentials Realized (link) Group Coaching Book too.
• Anne Demark (Professional Christian Coaching)
• Jerome Daly (iThrive9) (Jungian)
• Crossways Life Coaching (Retirement Counseling for Baby Boomers) (link)
• Linda Gilden (link) for writing specifically
• Karen Porter (link)
• Fit4Leading (link)
• Desert Streams Christian Coaching (link)
• Life Purpose Coaching Centers (link)
• NACWE (National Association of Women Entrepreneurs)

(not an extensive list yet….)

More Christian Coaches:

Keith Webb, Creative Results Management

Bill Zipp (link to resources)

Jane Creswell (Internal Impact & Leader Lab)

Rhonda Ruckel

Jerome Daley Purpose Coach

Dave McIllrath Truth Coaching (link)

Marriage Coaching, Grace and Truth Coaching


Christian Coaching Resources
Gospel Coach (link)

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