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January 3, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

What can college students learn from postmodernism?

1. Rhetorical analysis
2. The dangers associated with ideology taken to the extreme
3. Diversity. A need to look at the margins & the center (perhaps a methodology to do so)
4. The need for de-centralization of power in organizations. The need for communication up & down the organization.
5. The dialog back and forth between modernism & post-modernism
6. Development theory (probably applies to organizations as well)
7. The nature of language & interpretation
8. The dangers of Technology
9. Worldviews & Assumptions & Clash of ideas (debate)
10. Idea integration (thinking across disciplines)

• Foucault
• Technology/Small is beautiful
• Bureaucracy
• Group dynamics & social psychology (communication in teams) ****

What is post-modernism making the case for:
1. less bureaucracy
2. diversity
3. democracy
4. dignity (the golden rule)
5. stakeholder analysis/thought before action
6. various methods: ethnography, etc..
7. listening, dialog, etc..

Perhaps something about systems theory & the connection between the micro & the macro
Perhaps something about chaos & complexity theory
Figuring out problem solving methods for dealing with these issues
History!!!! And Context!!! What is likely to shape the underlying perspectives and beliefs of an individual?

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