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January 9, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Nine reasons Christians should win debates with atheists and agnostics

I would suggest 9 key areas where the theist has the advantage:
1) Indict of Scientific Reductionism (including the over-extension of rationalistic paradigms beyond its purview)
2) Indict of Deterministic Worldview (determinism undermines dignity, choice, and freedom and turns humans into objects)
3) Indicts of a Materialist Worldview (money and appearances) versus a Meaningful one
4) Hope and Virtue as the Basis for Most Any Large Scale Progress
5) Ethics. Christianity as the basis for human rights and human dignity (i.e. Immanuel Kant).
6) Ethics. Jesus as the basis as one of the best personal philosophies, especially compared with atheist alternatives.
7) Religious practice increases well-being more than atheism (peer reviewed science) This quick summary or backgrounder from Duke provides an overview Page on Duke . Koeig, HG and Cohn HJ did work in 2001 which was a review of the literature. 79 of 100 found a positive correlation, only 1 found a negative correlation. Also, religion coheres to an Aristotelean version of happiness better than a scientific one might.
8] Bible Archeology (for instance here: Biblical Archaeology Society)
9) Historical Jesus (for instance here: Dr. Gary R. Habermas)

Debates that might be washes:
1) Atheism versus Enlightenment (the more I think about this….this gives an advantage to Christians–and it undermines or checks back the science versus faith debate–or is one level of that debate.)
2) Science versus Religion or Integration (the later just makes sense in a world where hyper-rationalism leads to anti-human decisions)
3) Suffering (I still think Christianity provides a better solution to suffering than a scientific worldview might)

* Incidentally, I think that faith does a much better job of handling the post-modern or post-positivist, and pheneomological concerns far better than science can. It integrates better into the world and multi-disciplinarity (see also 1 through 9 above). Given that those represent one of the major worldviews in todays world–and bears some notion of the human experience.

You may also appreciate this post on 20 philosophical proofs for the existence of God. (I don’t develop arguments, but often provide links and provide the thesis of the argument).

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