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January 10, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

What are some strategies to improve my reading if I have reading challenges

As someone who struggled with reading probably up until middle school in some respects:
1. Set yourself up for success. Design a space to read in. Turn off distractions. Read in a place you enjoy (ideally)
2. Perhaps use books on tape to help model what you should be reading.
3. Some people with dyslexia use an index card to focus on the one line of the text they are reading. That might help.
4. Find something you like reading
5. Start small? I’m going to read for 5 minutes every day. Whatever works for you. Perhaps in 20 days think of increasing that.
6. Does text size help your reading? If so, consider larger text.
7. My reading got better because we had to read 30 minutes of something….anything for homework in 3rd grade. That was perhaps among the top 5 to 10 reasons my reading improved and also learned to love it.
8. Mindset & Self-talk. Don’t get down on yourself. Quiet any negative self-talk which says “can’t” or “won’t”
9. You might read about the positive stories of people with hyper-kinetics (?).
10. I think a cool tip would be if you like TED talks…..cut and paste the text into a word document and blow it up to the appropriate size…..either on the computer screen or print it out. Whatever works for you. Read along.
11. Consider getting a tutor (ideally who is familiar with this issue) or at least who is empathetic to your challenges. The patience of a reading teaching going above and beyond to help me read one on one after school was pretty key for me.
12. Integrate activities you like doing that help improve the cognition & skills of reading.
Best of luck on an exciting journey toward better reading.

* I have confession, about 1/2 the time I enjoy reading with background music or background TV or in a coffee shop. My guess is though, that silence works best for most people.

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