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January 13, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Since sinning is natural, why shouldn’t why are the seven deadly sins deadly?

There are 7 deadly sins–here are 7 reasons we should want to avoid them–and that they should have the word deadly associated with them.

1. Just because I’m probably never going to get into Harvard doesn’t mean that good grades and good SATs aren’t important. Sometimes–even often raising your standards above “average” is a good thing.

2. Natural isn’t ethical. That seems like a pretty lackluster notion of responsibility.

3. The fundamental notions of fairness, rationality, and respect suggest that we have a higher code than the animals.

4. Moreover, such an attitude (ie ignoring the cycles of pain, suffering, violence and destruction from the 7 deadly sins) would result in a downward spiral for society.–particularly in terms of sloth and gluttony. But a society which lived the 7 sins more broadly would also represent the addictions and inner turmoil which results from any of those sins (envy, pride, greed, etc…).

5. God wants us to grow and create as humans–to fulfill our calling that we were created to fulfill–the deadly sins, if they become a habit or are committed unchecked, risk undermining your ability to achieve your destiny. Admittedly, God is probably far more interested in your spiritual development and your faith–but in some sense these are part and parcel of faith, spirituality, and spiritual development.

6. Yes, temptation is inevitable. However, we have the choice to resist it, and when we aren’t able to resist is to ask for forgiveness from God. Yes we will fail–but thats not a reason to keep trying. Anyone who has every achieved anything knows that determination to achieve a goal is important.

7. Lets look at the flip side, if faith was as easy as snapping without any action or commitment–it wouldn’t be faith.

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