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January 16, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Why did Jesus have to die on the cross for our sins?

Why was Jesus crucified on the cross?

This can be a potentially perplexing question for those inside and outside the Christian faith. Peter Hicks, who teachers at the London School of Theology in his book The Message of Evil and Suffering provides an excellent answer:

“For the heart of his response to evil and suffering was the cross. And on the cross God in Christ took upon himself all the evil and suffering of the world. All the sin, all the darkness, all the pain, all the hell, all the destruction, all the death. Such an amazing answer to the problem of evil and suffering no-one could have imagined. And our amazement grows even greater when we realize that for God the cross is not just a moment in time. The cost of it and the implications of it extend back to the foundation of the world and forward into eternity. Our God is scarred forever.

Out of the cross came the resurrection. From death came life, not just the restored life of Jesus of Nazareth, but the fullness of life, God’s life, resurrection life, transforming life, eternal life opened up and freely available for all who will receive it. From submission to suffering and death and hell came victory, the shattering of the powers of evil, the ransacking of the strong man’s house, deliverance for his prisoners, the redemption of his possessions, the reversal of his plans.

And so the magnificent plan of God was augmented. Instead of writing off and destroying the broken and spoilt universe, marred by sin and evil and suffering, his purpose is to redeem it and remake it and restore it, to fit all the broken pieces back together again, to heal its hurts, to transform its darkness into light, to turn its sorrow into joy, to bring everything together into one beautiful whole under the headship of Christ.”

Mr. Hicks continues:
“Our God is love. We can banish for ever any thought of God does not care. The cross is the measure of his love. The price he paid, his very life, is the value he places on us.”


“Our God does things his way. In our more sober moments we would all agree that this has to be. For all our frustration and bewilderment and protest, every one of us knows that we are incapable of running the universe or of solving its problems. Only the one who has infinite wisdom and infinite resources is capable of doing that.”

For more on the topic of Why Jesus had to die on the cross to save us from our sins, I would suggest this outline by Charles Stanley

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