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January 20, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Ancient and Classical Rhetoric

Classic Rhetoric Outlines
Exercises/Content/14 Progymnasmata (link)
Topics of Invention (link)
Figures of Amplification (link)
Groupings Index (link)

Ancient and Classical Rhetoric–Specific Texts or Groups of Texts:
Cicero–Of Invention (no link)
Cicero–Of Oratory (no link)
Cicero Summarized on Rhetoric (link)
Cicero (internet encyclopedia of philosophy (link)

Quintilian–Institutes of Oratory at E-Server (link)

Rhetoric Outlines Timeline (link)

Internet Classics Archieve at MIT (link)

Harvard Classics Series (link to open source/free version)

Loebs Classical Library (link)
Loebs Classical Library (link)

Classical Persuasion (link)

More Modern Rhetoric
Kenneth Burke (link)
Kenneth Burke (outline link)
Counterstatement Summary Outline (link)


Sources of Rhetoric/Texts for Analysis
American Rhetoric (link)
Vital Speeches of the Day (link)
Library of Rhetoric (link) this project is currently not working, I’ve included it to point to it when it resumes.

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