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January 22, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

How can you increase your GRIT, self-control, and success?

I would suggest the following 10 would be helpful for those trying to increase GRIT and overall ability to achieve big things:

1. Gradually building self-confidence over time. The work of Albert Bandura is helpful here.I believe Bandura is cited by the Heath Brothers in Switch.

2. Getting super-clear on your goals, purpose, and story.

3. Increased focus. Decrease distractions.

4. Focusing on the positive rather than the negative. Eliminating irrational fear or having a “Just do it” mentality which acts in spite of fear or apprehension.

5. Finding a supporting mentor, champion, community and/or network.

6. Remembering your successes (ie where you’ve displayed or demonstrated GRIT and/or determination or overcome obstacles in the past)

7. Create an office environment which helps you focus (ie few distractions, but also music).

8. Develop a positive attitude.

9. Seeing obstacles as temporary versus permanent

10. Seeing growth as possible (i.e. dynamic versus static)

By gradually doing all of the proceeding…you will become a person with more GRIT, self-control, and fortitude. For more about this concept I would look at the research a UPenn (here), Duckworths research (here), or the articles at Positive Psychology News (here). In addition, checking out the work on resilience would also probably be helpful.

Further Research on GRIT, Self-control, and Self-efficacy:
1. Albert Bandura (link)
2. Note Bandura wrote on self-efficacy, motivation, and social learning theory, but his work on decreasing fear via gradual exposure (ie progressive increase) is what I’m referencing here. Gradually moving out of your comfort zone.
3. An article on modeling and self-coaching: The Future of Self-Improvement, Part II: The Dilemma of Coaching Yourself (to me the growth aspect communicated is an important component of staying motivated and pushing forward) (link)
4. Angela Duckworth on GRIT (Short TED Talk here)

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