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February 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

12 Awesome Habits for a Better and More Fulfilling Life

I would suggest 12 are absolutely critical to improving your life:

1. Positivity and resilience. Focusing on your strengths where possible.

2. Courage and less fear (almost eliminating it with respect to daily life)

3. Forgiveness

4. Curiosity, learning and desire for semi-mastery of subjects.

5. Scheduling & deadlines & focus (aka the GTD everyone else on the thread is talking about)

6. Reflection (where am I going? what am I doing? whats next? how can I do better next time? how am I improving myself?)

7. Meditation/Silence

8. Exercise

9. Health eating

10. Scheduling your family & personal life into your schedule. A habit of making time for life-work balance

11. Humility in the face of the temptation of pride

12. Giving back

I think gradually adding habits or practices to your life is the way to go. Picking 2 or 3 and moving forward as a better human being.

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