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February 3, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Christian Critiques of Stephen Hawkins Grand Design–Critical Book Reviews

A read a good chunk of Stephen Hawking’s “Grand Design” and found its notion of meaning and purpose–as well as its justification for such to be radically underdeveloped.

The book makes two arguments, if you could call them that:
1) How the universe supposedly created itself.
2) The debate over meaning & purpose. This is very light on argument. Hawking is a physicist and an amateur historian of history….but certainly no philosopher. Life is just physics makes a terrible argument–its a virtual non-starter.

Grand Design at John Lennox’s website.

• John C. Lennox’s book God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design is it Anyway? (link)

• Various Critiques of Grand Design available at ISCAST (link)

• A number of critiques of Grand Design by Stephen Hawking (link)

There are a couple videos which critique the “The Grand Design”:
1) John Lennox (link)
2) Ravi Zacharias (part I) (part II) (part III). Each of the segments runs about 14 minutes for a total of around 42 minutes total. The Ravi Zacharias videos are actually an interview of Lennox.

I would make an aside, that almost any critique of naturalism, physicalism, reductive materialism worth its salt will undercut most of Stephen Hawking’s point.

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