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February 4, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

More Christian Documentaries Available through Netflix

Note: only the first list is available through Netflix….but here are 10….along with some other movie recommendations from

Here is a list of good apologetics documentaries that are available on netflix:
-Unlocking the Mystery of Life (you absolutely need to see that one!)
-The Privileged Planet
-The Case for a Creator
-The Case for Christ
-The Case for Faith
-Prophecies of the Passion
-Lost Gospels or False Gospels?
-Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?
-Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
-Collision (debate documentary with Christopher Hitchens and Doug Wilson)

Here is a list of other topical documentaries that are really good but not available on netflix (almost all of these are on google video):
-Darwin’s Dilemma: The Cambrian Explosion (made by the same production company that made the other intelligent design videos which are available on netflix)
-The Case for Christ’s Resurrection
-Catholicism: Crisis of Faith
-The Lost Book of Abraham
-The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon
-DNA vs. The Book of Mormon.
-Jehovah’s Witnesses Exposed
-God’s of the New Age

Apolegetics 315 also has a great rundown of resources specifically for Youth Apolegetics available here. Unfortunately, I don’t think any are available via Netflix–but they would probably make a good investment for the your church or church library.

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