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February 5, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Why is Gods being mysterious? Why doesn’t God reveal Himself more fully now?

There would be no adventure, no story, and no challenge to a God who revealed himself so plainly.

It would be like a video game that was over in 30 seconds. Or like a movie that was over in 2 minutes versus two hours.

Life is a marathon…..and a challenging one at that. Some people get stuck in lifes traps and temptations along the way for one reason or another.

As a Christian, God is there to emotionally and spiritually help me along the way–when I lose my footing or I forget to keep my eyes on the prize or get distracted by too many of life’s creature comforts (when I become too enamoured with them…missing the point of why I’m here. why I’m here.)

The challenge and complexity of faith is precisely the point. Faith is a test of character–a test of determination, hope, and

So, yes from a very strict and linear approach to life–this would seem to work. But life is less like the SATs and more like a challenging collaborative obstacle course that results in character formation–where we learn together to be better human beings.


I think at that point….our spirtual lives and meaning will perhaps take on a new frame.

Time (seems to be radically transform), temptation (seems to be eliminated), the purpose and need to create. (and perhaps others I’m not thinking of).

Second, I think I can conceive as it like the Protestant work ethic conceives of work and rest (or even just the ethic in the Bible). Productivity seems to be encourage….but that rest also has a role once the work is done.

To me this potentially frames existence in the same way we think of other periods.

As I see it, there is a distinct reason for the pains of child birth. Likewise, there is a distinct purpose for the challenges of individually and collectively coming to know and understand God.

Its certainly possible–that mystery alone is the reason–but given the value of struggle in the text….I would tend to think it would be consistent or parallel on this issue as well.

The struggle:
1) Teaches & is character forming
2) Creates meaning & purpose

Do either of those three notions jive with your thinking?

Finally, there’s also the possibility of objective and subjective meaning (personal, but God focused meaning in this case)–and drawing a distinction perhaps between the two if its necessary.

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