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February 13, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Should colleges teach self-help classes instead of social science ones?

Is one class in Steven Covey trading off with the social science a big deal?

Arguably thats social and emotional learning and “success” training–its another way to think about thinking and to learn about the self. Theres no reason the class can’t be built to be self-reflective and analytical as pretty much any class (I’ll exclude debate from that). Teacher and classroom activity drive critical thinking more than content alone. There’s plenty to learn from the list of Blooms taxonomy questions. If self-discovery is left off the list of the university…..Socrates would probably be equally distraught (ie the Delphic maxim “know thyself”) Admittedly, I would think that 7 weeks would be pretty much sufficient to cover this text….such that the other half of the semester could be more in the area of critical thinking, problem solving, self-discovery (identity/story), thinking models or approaches might be more helpful than 15 weeks alone…..but I haven’t seen the syllabus or the activities the teacher is planning on using.

* To be fair….its social and emotional learning light…..but it certainly can be turned into something more meaningful.

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