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March 6, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Is the world ordered or random and chaos?

If the world was truly random and accidental:

1) We couldn’t sense and decode the world (ie our ability to see the spectrum we happen to see of UV light)
2) We couldn’t create or rely upon the laws of science
3) We couldn’t infer things based on patterns. Patterns would have no need to exist. (ie the definition of science itself is pattern seeking. Finding patterns is finding order.)
4) Humans wouldn’t care about art, beauty, or truth–the later two which drive science.
5) Life and communication would resemble da-daist paintings rather than the coherent dialogs we have on Quora, over beers, or at the office watercooler. So our ability to have coherent dialogs about science–is itself a sign of unity and order which helps bridge barriers and differences.
6) We would have no basis or need for rights. Humans would have no human dignity.
7) Instead we have the wonderful order of geometry, math, art, music, etc…

If you think one of more of the following are important….you might re-consider your way of looking at the world.

Self-organization itself is an argument for order–that genetically we are wired for expression, achievement, and progress. The order is everywhere….

Our very survival is based on the rules of nature….the rules of science working out. Oxygen in the right combination entering our lungs and working. On oxygen, carbon, water, and various other compound working with precision in hospitals across the country. If order wasn’t in the universe-medicine as an industry would implode. On the contrary, it saves millions of lives every week…probably every day or every hour.

If you can’t see order in the universe… simply aren’t looking hard enough…..because there are laws of science, laws of chemistry, laws of physics, and laws of every branch and sub-branch……and it grows day by day… far from the God of the gaps shrinking in size….each discovery….each article…..each conclusion…..pushes us closer to understanding the coherence, unity, and laws the universe operates on.

They point the way toward light, toward knowledge, and ultimately toward a universe of order versus chaos…..and a universe of purpose and meaning versus randomness…….

1) humans work like a machine…..but one without a designer involved.
2) the universe works like a machine……but certainly don’t have order or structure….
…..but if we say that science becomes impossible… and survival becomes impossible.

So a word to the wise: I live therefore the universe is ordered. Wait a minute…..and let that sink in….. One would think that would cause skeptics to re-examine their assumptions and beliefs about the world.

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