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March 16, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

7 Reasons to Maybe Reconsider your Agnosticism or Atheism

I’m going to suggest seven ways–and essentially seven solid reasons those who have made this choice should give the issue another serious look…..

1) They don’t understand how science and faith really interact. The don’t conflict, they integrate. Its a false dicotomy. Its only the worldview of reductive materialism, naturalism, and scientism that conflicts.
2) Perhaps, they want an easy way out. We humans want a rationalization of our behaviors. People aren’t necessarily interested in habits which require diligence and determination (long distance running, eating healthy, and going to church or being good).
3) They haven’t fully educated themselves on the range of options. They see it as a two way debate…..when realistically there is a continuum of beliefs on this topic. To not fully investigate that continuum and give each one a fair shake is to miss the point.
4) They don’t understand the evidence for a historical Jesus. Jesus stands at the center of history and as the single most influential person in history–theres something to that. Moreover, his ethical philosophy is pretty much second to none. People criticize various intellectual branches of philosophy–but the savior from Nazareth’s philosophy of love and forgiveness stands above the rest.
5) Thinking in terms of skepticism isn’t a way to approach relationships. When we hang out and excessively listen to skeptical people about our friends or potential mates–it really does ruin everything. It causes us to pre-judge them and infer negative things when none-exist. The skepticism of the New Atheists, in my opinion poisons the chance at positive relationships–often based on innuendo and fallacy (overgeneralization, misframing, de-contextualizing, hyperbole, focusing on the wrong issues–failure to look at the big picture, failure to look at the real lived experience of people, failure to honestly look at literature and ongoing thought, and doing philosophy rather poorly according to other Atheists).
6) The anger and vitriol I see coming from Dawkins et al is something right out of Bill O’Reilly and Fox News. Its depressingly banal and trifiling arguments which miss the point. I pick Jesus over Dawkins any day of the week as a model for how to live my life.
7) If the Jesus story is true–if its historically true–it makes all the difference in your life and in the world. In a sense, most any straw-person, label, or stereotype doesn’t make sense in a world where your eyes are framed like Jesus–where you see the world through others interests rather than just your own.

People should really give this issue another look…….I don’t like to sell people out based on the conjecture and false assertions of others……and I don’t honestly think anyone on Quora wants to do that either.

* I should add that I’m not done writing/editing this and that I probably posted this a bit too soon. I hope that despite my own foibles and editing issues…that the overarching message still comes through clearly.

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