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March 20, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

What are the most significant of Aristotles Commonplaces

1) Definition/Meaning of Names (see also ambiguous terms)
2) Division
3) Identical results and antecedants
4) Proportional results and antecedants
5) Incentives and deterrents
6) Inward thought, outward show
7) Induction
8) Turning the Tables

Existing Decisions
Conflicting facts
Cause to effect
Altered choices

* Part to whole (one of the most challenging to deal with, I think including its opposite as well whole to part)

Five others issues which could be classified as commonplaces:
1) Ultimate goal (purpose, values, goals, worldview–it probably helps if these are alighned at least partially)
2) Common ground (identity/character/purpose/history/story)
3) Context
4) Framing (at multiple levels)
5) Community

You however can use the other commonplaces to help you think about learning argument types

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