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March 30, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Best Social Entrepreneur Speeches and Keynotes on Poverty and Social Change

• The Good News on Poverty (Yes, There is Good News) TED Talk (link)

Bill Gates (multiple)
• Innovating to Zero (link)
• Teachers Need Real Feedback (link)

Melinda Gates
• What Nonprofits Can Learn from Coca Cola (link)

Jessica Jackley
• Poverty, Money, and Love (link)

Other Social Entrepreneurs:
Steve Jobs
• How to Live Before You Die–Graduation Speech at Stanford University (link)

Ken Robinson
• How to Escape Education’s Death Valley (link)
• How Schools Kill Creativity (link)

Geoffry Canada:
• Our Failing Schools, Enough is Enough (link)

Sheryl Sandberg
• Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders (link)

Jamie Oliver
• Teach Every Kid About Food (link)

Core Principles for Social Entrepreneurs:
Seth Godin (multiple)

Why? Simon Sinek
• How Great Leaders Inspire Action (link)

The Pursuit of Justice (link)

The Quest to End Poverty (link)

Social Good Inc (link)

Inspirational (link)

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