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April 20, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

How to not do user experience and sign up process for new users

I’m not trying to hate….just trying to be honest. This is kind of analogous to the pick up line that begins with going out with or sleeping with the person….without developing a relationship.

Whens the last time you just gave your info out….without seeing an article or something. Particularly in a way that offered the user *no way* to have choice. Deny me choice….at the first moment of contact…..and I’m not sure I’m going to trust an organization or try to develop a relationship with that type of organization.

If you frame it in terms of reciprocity….the expectation is then on the user to give first……before getting something…..with zero context upon which to make the decision.

From a biological perspective….its bound to trigger flight or flight response.

I think you’ll find this problem echoed on criticisms of Quora (although that may just be on the site Quora itself….I haven’t read much on the larger web). 

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