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June 24, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Design Thinking in International Development Toolkits

Creativity and innovation has always fascinated me since I was a youngster. Of late this fascination has blossomed into a passion for design thinking in all aspects of life. Design thinking is a problem solving methodology which helps to build a human-centric, empathy-centric, and feedback-centric solutions to the world’s most challenging cultural, social, and product design problems.

• Initially, here is the design thinking in development article/post I wrote about a year ago. (these are very design thinking oriented as I recall)

• Mega-list of design toolkits (link)

• DIY Development Impact Kit from Ashoka (link)

• Social Design Methods Menu (link)

• Methods and Tools from the Social Innovation Exchange (link)

• Business Innovation by Design (link)

Other Design Thinking Resources

• Design and Social Impact: A Cross-Sectoral Agenda for Design, Education, Research, and Practice–Cooper Hewitt Whitepaper on Social Design & Design Thinking (link)

• Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook (link)

• Eight Social Innovation Toolkits (presentations from Ashoka) (link) [you have to scroll down for these]

• Public Interest Design Glossary (link)

• Design Thinking One Pager (link)

• Wicked Problems e-book (link)

• Behavioral Economics for Good (link)

• Social Design Blog (link)

• Human Centered Design for Social Innovation from Acumen (link)

• DIY Innovation Toolkit (link)

I highly recommend my original post on design thinking in development as well as the mega-list I linked to and a number of these find design thinking in development resources.

I also suggest looking at my design methodology for the base of the pyramid posts.

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