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July 15, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Jonah Sachs on Storytelling

1. Hero
2. Villian
3. The Stakes

1. Meaning
2. Explanation
3. Story

Finding purpose to build a better world. How we can all live together on the planet.

Annie’s movie was 20 minutes long. Modern myth makers.

Question existing meaning.

See & feel.

The full presentation (his presentation tends a little agnostic).

Old: Character, Conflict, & Plot

New: Freaks, Cheats, & Familiars. Example: The Meatrix (notice: a remix/spoof of pop culture)
What are other human beings doing? Curiosity. Break expectations of the ways humans look.

Encoded systems of altruism (stories do this–people who break the rules)
Systems of altruism/norms. Loved or hated cultural norms.
Monolythic cultural norm.


The Shamen. From out tribe. Speaking our language. [NK needs to create a new language too]
Do you have one of these? Not a rant…as intro.

Start with their passions. Not just yours.

Start with campaigns (political & advertising). De-coding.

Story Wars book. Stories about a better world. Called to something higher.

“We crave validation more than sex.” Robert Tercek
Outsourced meaning making to journalists. Easy answers. Soundbite. Now I understand that complex crisis.
Shows = bait. (1/3 = commercial)
Making a disease (advertising)
Expired-on parking meter
Waking up from 60 year trance
Social media is so seductive (the greatest lover you ever had)
Gives us validation (vain? narscisitic?)
Dan Eldon used storytelling, art, & photography to change Africa (creative activists)–documentary or book
Creative Visions Foundation (founded by Dan Eldon’s mom)
Video storytelling (kind of like Peter Gabriel’s nonprofit)
Guerilla aid. Via blog/video/etc….
Commercial photographer (pictures of indigenous people–advocacy for indigenous peoples in UN) 4 countries sign it.

Origins story.
What you geek out on (hobby–to be known for–for me its chocolate)
“Help people see themselves in your story.” (the why….the context….what makes you tick and see the world). Being who you truly are.
[download the manifesto on storytelling]

“Stop. Go. Pause. Repeat.” Lauryn Ballesteros
Be real. Be human. Be authentic. Be truly you.
Confidence & authenticis & at deep level the value you add.

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