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July 20, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

The Case Against Naturalism–Revisited

Overall Assumptions:
This assumes that the only way Christians use to prove their case is via the Holy Spirt. Last time I checked there are 100 or more different routes to prove God’s existence.

Also, the question implicitly assumes certain things about human subjectivity. It assumes that human subjectivity

Naturalistic Assumptions:
It further has an unstated naturalistic belief.. Its not that a naturalistic framework or filter isn’t helpful…..but its conditionally so. When thinking about physical and earthly things a naturalistic framework (sans exclusivity) can be helpful. The assumptions of an exclusive naturalistic worldview (i.e. naturalism is the only game in town….and all others should just leave). Such a view would be like the NBA or the NFL saying that……or the hammer in the tool box telling all the other dozens of tools to shove it. The fundamental differences is we each have empirical proof of other modes of thinking working–particularly if we attended a university.

The Worship of the Objective & The Painful Death of the Subjective:
Infringing on personal freedom and/or thoughts is usually what Christians are accused of……but in this case the atheist is actually put in the position of doing it times 10. Notice, the Christian is saying you have the choice–but we think the Christian way is a better way to live. Thats what every ideology does. Thats what every domain to some extent in the academy does.

However, atheism says….don’t trust your own subjectivity. Don’t trust other peoples subjectivity. Only the objective is relevant. The problem is outside subjectivity theres no one there to even make this decision. Further, this neglects the science and common experiential wisdom that a (permanent, rather than temporary) detached objectivity is not only harmful to the human experience…..its impossible. Thats what both science and philosophy tell us.

Without a subjective you have no identity
Without a subjective you have no decisions
Without a subjective you have no perceptions
Without a subjective you have no sense making
Without a subjective you have no survival
Without a subjective you have no human

Its ironic that theism is more pro-freedom, human dignity, and diversity than.

We’re more than atoms
We’re more than animals
We’re more than robots

Wake up! Its time to wake up from selling our our humanity to the cold spreadsheets of scientism which don’t leave room for individuality, subjectivity, personality, identity, and human dignity. Without those….we might as well be atoms or robots or whatever.

You’re on Quora….you’re reflecting on ideas…..all of that screams a different way….a different perspective… that actually takes your value as something meaningful beyond just its contribution or diminution of evolutionary survival. Your value transcends is evolutionary potential because you are humans and because you are you.

This is the line in the sand: you can choose a framework that values you….that says you are worthy of love… are worthy of time… are worthy of creation……or a system that says you are just flotsam and jetsam. Its one or there other…..and choosing wrong has echoes which last for eternity. Which one is it?

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