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July 23, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Nine Purposes of a Sermon

Here are the 9 purposes of a sermon:
1. Wake-up call
2. Personal self-reflection
3. Memorable distinction–new view/new perspective (metaphor)
4. Emotional, memorable verse (verse for the heart)
5. Practical wisdom and advice that speaks to them & their circumstances
6. Persuade them to do go and avoid evil (i.e. consequences & spiritual economy/kingdom economy)
7. Learn to get past their barriers
8] Learn the ways the devil tempts us. How to reduce temptation
9. Reclarify myths & misconceptions.

1. Change expectations.
2. Provide leadership.
3. Rhetorical movement & encouragement
4. Responding to Kairos (ie in the case of 2008 crash, provide hope and understand the role of suffering and speak to the issue of social justice–the issues of serving, hope, and trust/faith)
See with new eyes (new viewpoint, new perspective–metaphor/tool/criteria/question)
Motivation to act
Awareness of the forces of evil. Awareness of long term consequences.
Learning to deal with the Odysseus challenge

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