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July 24, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Anatomy of an Atheistic or Agnostic Argument

God can’t have an initial target audience for his message? All successful movements have hubs. Almost all attempts at the phrase “if I were God…..I would have” in terms of an argument…..are pretty unsuccessful in the same way if I used the same argument to disprove the existence of Marc Zuckerberg by saying I would have founded Facebook at Stanford and not Harvard.

Your agnosticism on Zuck’s existence not withstanding (it was a hypothetical of sorts after all), I was merely pointing out the hidden premise in your argument….which is faulty–pointing out that you are not in the position of a god or the God, ergo not only do you not have his or her perspective…but you just aren’t God. You thinking God should be different or behave differently is interesting but ultimately irrelevant to the existence of God. I wish a dozen authors wrote differently….but they don’t. Period. End of story. Your question….is a bit like your Lego talking back at you questioning your Lego creation. The Lego man isn’t going to have your vision, your perspective, your purpose, or your motive in mind. Your design choices are your own….not Mr./Mrs. Lego-person.

Fair enough. It just seems that the punch line is more red herring and straw-person than anything re-ifing your apparent belief system. I was merely pointing to the proverbial spanner in the works….from either a joke or logic perspective. None the less, one would have to conceded that the basis of that choice created the largest movement in the history of humankind. To get that kind of odds….is like winning ever sports championship (The probability of the payout of the The Buffett Billion dollar NCAA Basketball Bracketology offer here, I think puts that in perspective). But on the question of miracles (both inside and outside your circle)….there are a number of books which can answer the credibility question far better than I: R. Douglas Geivett and Craig S. Kenner. Both authors of separate volumes on the question.

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