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July 24, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

My random thoughts on the flaws of moral relativism

People are hung up on Kantianism and straw persons

Victorian ethics

Purpose of a garden

Deductive versus inductive logic

Morality & rationality.

Moral flexibility

Laws and law giver

The science of ethics

Law of pythagoreus…Diff places.
Role of place in discovery (?????)

Critique of science

Without ethics…very little ground for liberalism.

Values and relationship and purpose are at the center of the human experience.

Types of knowledge.
Experiential knowledge. Empathy.

Science says we are in born with morality–thats a natural law of sorts.

Flourishing. Social flourishing.

After seeing the experiments–common sense and scientific understanding.
Method says this is best (???)

Scientists look at the world from the bottom up. Look at it from physics, chemistry, and biologcy. Nope those don’t necessarily have lot to tell us about ethics.

Story. Tragedy & story help clarify ethics.

Plus relativism is deeply flawed.

What is perspectivalism?

What is phenomenology?

What is phenomenology?

Darwinian logic concurs.

Do the human sciences make sense without ethics?

Shared meaning.

Virtue ethics.

Story, experience

Golden rule.

Vote each day on ethics.

Standards and human excellence.

Hume–emotion & logic dualism.
Eliminate some inutitions (???)

Scientific morality

1. Personal decision-making
2. Groups (cultures)
3. Governments

Results and processes

Multiple framework
Democracy, respect, and community

What would law be without ethics? Turn the question on its head.

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